Engage the People in Your Life and Witness 4 Miracles

For years, I schemed for ways to not engage the people in my life. You see I’m an introvert and it always seemed just natural to go it alone. I’d look for the empty room I’d find an easy exit after a social event I’d pretend to have a conflict when asked to meet I’d […]


The Answers to These 5 Important Questions That Will Destroy Atheism

I have a theory that I can’t prove. I believe that there are no real atheists, just people who worship a lot of different gods. Atheism is another word for Not-Your-God worship. Even if I’m right, there are a lot of good people with serious questions about God that deserve answers. And for those who […]


Your Fears are Little Things Dressed Up in Scary Costumes – Face Them!

Fears are like clouds – little puffy things that keep you from seeing the sun. And unfortunately we’re on the eve of that holiday that fills us with fear: Halloween. Boo! See, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now remember this when the scariest Halloween costume appears at your front door. It’s just a costume! […]


Compliments Make the World Go ’round – A Little Bunny Told Me

Compliments or criticism? I’ll choose compliments every time! This is the “Thumperian Principle,” of course. If you ever saw Bambi, you know that Thumper is the adorable bunny who famously describes newborn Bambi as “kinda wobbly.” His mom quickly responds, “Thumper, what did your father tell you this morning?” Just then, in one of the most […]


Just Forgive and Move beyond the Roadblocks in Your Life

“To err is human. To forgive is divine.” Thank you Alexander Pope for reminding us that forgiveness is impossible without God’s help. Actually the famous quote comes from a really long poem that is really not a poem at all. It’s the Essay on Criticism (bet you won’t read it now!) It’s no coincidence that […]


6 Tips When “Writing” the Story of Your Life

Everyone has a story. There are biographies, and there are autobiographies. The first is written by someone else; the second is written by YOU! Yours is the most important story. Writing it is slow and messy, filled with edits, retractions and failures. But don’t stop writing. These things make the story real and distinguish it […]


Let Us Now Praise Famous Men!

Famous is a Hollywood word defined by Oscars and Emmys and stars on the Walk of Fame. But the real roots of “famous” are in the Latin, “fama; to speak, tell or say.” Those who are well-spoken of are truly famous. Their reputation precedes them. Yesterday, September 10th, Malcolm Foss celebrated 100 years of life […]


Stick Your Finger in the Eye of Fashion and Be Yourself

Fashion is the tail that wags the dog. By that I mean that fashion sense is the least important of all of the senses. A sense of purpose, a sense of community, a sense of balance, heck, even a sense of humor – these are all more important. Recently a woman approached me after a […]


Moving the Smiths Made Me Appreciate the 4 Corners of Life

It happened one Saturday. The Smiths, a delightful family of five, had sold their home and begun gathering up the stuff of 10 Years and to leave their Garrison to bigger digs, closer to where Tom works. Back to the Smiths in a moment, but let’s talk more about moving. You know, that scary, exciting, […]


5 Strategies to Beat Back Depression and Make Joy Stay

Depression is a dark hole that drives joy farther away the longer it stays. Here’s the problem. Joy in life comes and goes. A new job Your team wins The birth of a child A fabulous day at work A perfect day with the family The death of a loved one A lousy day at […]