4 Suggestions of What to Wish for This Christmas

Do you remember the Sears Wish Book? I do! I not only remember, it dances in my head every Christmas like visions of sugar plums. It came every first of December, wrapped in brown paper with the Sears logo. Inside was a child’s dream! The shiny Christmassy cover concealed a virtual toy store, over 300 […]


4 Secrets to Christmas Memories that Last Forever

Christmas memories are made of the strangest things. The first that always comes to my mind is the morning we all were sick, and no one wanted to open presents. Then there was the Christmas Eve when my son poked himself with a broken candle light and we made merry in the Emergency Room. Then […]

baby names

10 Awesome Baby Names Straight Out Of The Bible

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. If your host hits you with the challenge, “Now, we’re going to go around the table and share one thing we’re thankful for,” you should be prepared. In my case, you should have some baby names ready. You see, my wife and I are expecting two granddaughters roughly […]


5 Steps that will Help You Rediscover Your Life’s Purpose

Discovery is exciting! Columbus, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur. But move over guys, I’m going to talk about how to rediscover purpose in life. That’s even more exciting because it can happen anytime! I think it was Andy Stanley who said something like, “Everyone goes somewhere in life. Few go there on purpose.” It’s true. […]


These 3 Regrets Will Change Your Life Forever

Regrets are what happen on the other side of life. There’s the saddest of pictures in the New Testament, in a story Jesus told of the Rich Man and Lazarus. The rich man lived in ____ while Lazarus lived in squalor just outside the rich man’s mansion. The rich man died and entered hell while […]


It Won’t Hurt to Confront When You Follow These 4 Steps

I hate the word, confront. It conjures up a picture of two people, staring each other down, armed for war and ready to strike! You’ve been there haven’t you? And when you knew that confrontation was necessary, I bet you decided not to. You took a nap You took the dog for a walk You […]


Engage the People in Your Life and Witness 4 Miracles

For years, I schemed for ways to not engage the people in my life. You see I’m an introvert and it always seemed just natural to go it alone. I’d look for the empty room I’d find an easy exit after a social event I’d pretend to have a conflict when asked to meet I’d […]


The Answers to These 5 Important Questions That Will Destroy Atheism

I have a theory that I can’t prove. I believe that there are no real atheists, just people who worship a lot of different gods. Atheism is another word for Not-Your-God worship. Even if I’m right, there are a lot of good people with serious questions about God that deserve answers. And for those who […]


Your Fears are Little Things Dressed Up in Scary Costumes – Face Them!

Fears are like clouds – little puffy things that keep you from seeing the sun. And unfortunately we’re on the eve of that holiday that fills us with fear: Halloween. Boo! See, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now remember this when the scariest Halloween costume appears at your front door. It’s just a costume! […]


Compliments Make the World Go ’round – A Little Bunny Told Me

Compliments or criticism? I’ll choose compliments every time! This is the “Thumperian Principle,” of course. If you ever saw Bambi, you know that Thumper is the adorable bunny who famously describes newborn Bambi as “kinda wobbly.” His mom quickly responds, “Thumper, what did your father tell you this morning?” Just then, in one of the most […]