40 Years of Marriage Have Taught Me 4 Lessons

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 40th year of marriage. She is still my lover and best friend, and with the onslaught of years, the assault on tradition and the redefinition of gender roles, I feel someone needs to step up and defend the honor of the institution that is the cornerstone of every […]


5 Reasons Why Crisis Might be the Best Thing in Your Life

“I just can’t wait for the next crisis!” Yah right. That’s just what I need in my life now, another crisis. No, just let me go with the flow, don’t rock the boat, easy peasy. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose. Life has a mind of its own. You and I may yearn for the […]


In Praise of Fertility in a World of Scarcity

Having kids used to be what you do. Now, according to some, it’s a selfish assault on an already overpopulated world. Fertility has become a fiend. According to the Center for Disease Control the birth rate among all women of reproductive ages dropped to the lowest since 1987. One reason is the mindset of alarmists […]


5 More Good Reasons for Unbelief and Why It Leads You Closer to God

Unbelief is like a box of chocolates. You break each one open until you find one you like. Reasons not to believe can become steppingstones to God because the desire to believe in God is greater than doubt. When the box is empty, faith takes over. I shared last week that my fear of death […]


5 Good Reasons for Unbelief and How It Leads You Closer to God

As a pastor, most of my friends are believers. They believe as I do that God revealed himself in a person, Jesus Christ. I also have many good friends who share unbelief. They are atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Baha’is, Jews and, what I would call, secularists or materialists. Their unbelief has led us both closer to […]


5 More Pet Peeves That Drive Me (And I Bet, You) Crazy!

The overwhelming response to last week’s post tells me that I struck a nerve. My pet peeves are your pet peeves and, as they say, “a burden shared is half a burden.” You’re welcome. Seriously though, this is not like complaining about the weather. Mark Twain famously said, “Everybody talks about the weather but no […]


5 Pet Peeves That Make Me (And I Bet, You) Crazy!

I’m a pretty positive person, but like you, some things just bite me! I try to follow Thumper’s dictum, but sometimes it helps to just vent.  Pet peeves are like cats that rub up against your leg and get under foot, and under your skin. I’m a dog lover. Before I vent, let me say […]


5 Secrets to Discovering the Lost Art of Leisure

It’s summer, “the days of soda and pretzels and beer.” Those aren’t a few of my favorite things, and summer is not my favorite season, but leisure is more than summer fun. It’s a hard-won response to days of blood, sweat and tears. History tells us that leisure came about only after hard work. In […]


How Our $32 Italian Vacation Changed My Life and Improved Our Marriage

“Honey, let’s go on a vacation!” It was my wife’s birthday so I had to come up with something. I don’t care much to travel but I love food. Does that mean that I’m destined to dine on burgers and pizza and consigned to America’s un-haute cuisine for the rest of my life? Actually that […]


3 Reasons We Talk about the Weather

This morning the “top story” on every New England station is the weather. Temperatures pushing 100 are the chatter around kitchen tables and water coolers. We just can’t help ourselves. We meet and when we open our mouths, the first words out are not about God, peace with North Korea or the World Cup, but about […]