Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is for Love, Not Romance

Thursday is Valentine’s Day and you have a chance to choose love over romance. Will you romance your sweetheart or love those around you? You can’t do both. So those of you who think that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love should think again. My purpose in this post is to divorce love […]


Treasury of Marriage: 50 Years, One Step at a Time

The prospect of marriage can be overwhelming. Being committed to one other person ’til death, the compromises, the struggles, the cost of the kids – but the story of Al and Joan makes it all seem doable, one step-at-a-time. THE STORY It was a blind date that helped Joan to see. She was only 14 […]


It’s Better to Live in the Moment Than to Die in the Mist

My inspiration this week came from my daughter, Elisabeth, and her 11-month old daughter, Kinsley. She posted a picture of one of her feeding frenzies, her face covered in butternut squash with a wide toothless grin (you can barely make out the ones pushing through). Reflecting on life with Kinsley, she writes, “As my baby […]


Treasury of Marriage: 50 Stories of 50 Lovers of 50 Years

It’s Monday again and, even though I’m taking a break from my regular posts, I just wanted you to know I’m not a slacker. I’m keeping busy. Marriage is a wonderful thing. In a culture that increasingly rejects tradition, it stands as a stake in the ground for unchanging values like commitment, love and perseverance. One […]


3 Things That Are True about Christmas And Always Will Be

It’s appropriate that my final post should be about God’s revelation in the person of Christ, what we call, “Christmas.” Christmas is special, not only for the lights and festive foods but because it was revealed to us. A little theology is in order here. The Bible speaks of general revelation and special revelation. Imagine you wake up in […]


3 Lessons from The Star of Bethlehem That Will Brighten Your Christmas

The three Wise Men came to worship the baby Jesus, at least that’s what the carol says. The mysterious star that guided them tells us more. Speaking of which, are you looking for that special Christmas gift for the one who has everything? How about a star? You can’t wrap it up but you can name […]


Christmas: The Night Heaven Came Down

Our little nativity set at home is a far cry from the events at Bethlehem. Our 10 month old granddaughter enjoys teething on Mary and taking the animals to her Fisher Price barn. That OK with me because I know that in the years to come she will learn that there was a real nativity […]


Forget Everything You Know about Christmas and Embrace the Darkness!

I showed such restraint this year. I waited two days after Thanksgiving to cut down a Christmas tree! It is all trimmed and accessorized with snow globes, stockings and lots of lights in our living room that now has morphed into the “Christmas Room.” Scatter the darkness! My yule celebration is an annual race to […]


3 Life Lessons from The Thanksgiving Miracle That History Forgot

This is Thanksgiving week, and there’s more to the holiday than you know. You know about the pilgrims, the Indians, the cold winter and the corn. And then there are the things you think you know but are popular myths. What you probably don’t know is that the very survival of the pilgrims and the […]


Your Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful This Year

Being thankful is like working out. It doesn’t just happen. You need to will it, to work at it; to get up each morning and say the words, “Thank you,” even though sometimes it’s just lip service. I’m one of those people who begins listening to Christmas music in October when the first chill is […]