3 Reasons We Talk about the Weather

This morning the “top story” on every New England station is the weather. Temperatures pushing 100 are the chatter around kitchen tables and water coolers. We just can’t help ourselves. We meet and when we open our mouths, the first words out are not about God, peace with North Korea or the World Cup, but about […]


Make These 4 Relationship Adjustments Before It’s Too Late

You know what they say about relationships: “Every relationship goes through hell. A real relationship gets through it.” The truth is, we learn mostly through failure. What you take away from those failures become relationship lessons: “Do as I say, not as I do.” No pain, no gain. Put those together and that’s my relationship […]


4 Good Reasons for Quitting Your Job and Getting On with Your Life

I said good reasons. There are bad reasons for quitting anything, but don’t let that make “quitting” a dirty word. It can be a beautiful thing. Although I’m not a reader of novels, I couldn’t put down, Theophilus North. Thornton Wilder uses maybe the best first line in the history of literature: “In the Spring […]

Memorial Day

The Roots of Memorial Day Grow Out of a Name You’ve Never Heard

On this Memorial Day we honor those who gave “the ultimate sacrifice” in defense of our freedoms. Their names are engraved on granite and enshrined in museum halls throughout the nation. But one is missing. He was the first casualty of the first war and yet his name has been all but lost in history. […]


Everything You Need to Know about Yourself Is in Your Blood

We tend to avoid the blood conversation. The word, “blood” oozes tragedy, vampires, crime scenes and the doctor’s office. Not long ago I started my day early – without breakfast – at the lab to give blood. It was, actually, a forced donation, ordered by my doctor and administered by a young lady who seemed […]

Star Wars

4 Reasons Why Star Wars is not a Force in My Life

Hello. My name is Greg and I’m not a Star Wars addict. On May 25th it’s “Sans Solo” for me. I don’t know why either. I had just graduated from college before the original movie was released. As a young man the future was before me, and I was more aware of the universe and […]


12 Apps That Will Help You Balance the 4 corners of Your Life (Part 2)

Last week I took a technology shot at the physical and spiritual corners of life, recommending 6 apps to balance your life. But it would be wrong to think that sums up life. Physical + spiritual (does not) = LIFE. Getting along in life requires two other things: money and relationships. Why not make both […]


12 Apps that Will Help You Balance the 4 Corners of Your Life

I’m all about balance. That is not to say that I don’t fall, just that I try my best not to. If you have read my book, LifeDeck, you know that I prefer to think of life in four corners: Physical, Spiritual, Relational and Financial. In John 10.10, Jesus said, “I have come that you […]


4 Questions You Must Answer Before You Die

Let’s face it, when your dead the time for questions and answers is past. I’ve never had a death wish, but I know it’s coming. I like it down here but I believe my best years are not here, but in the presence of God forever. That has forced me to ask different questions than… […]


My 5 Favorite Excuses and How to Avoid Them

Moses was the king of excuses. God hand-picked him to lead Israel, to which he responded… But… But… But… But… But… “Who am I!” “Who shall I say has sent me?” “What if they won’t believe me?” “I’m not very good with words” “Send someone else!” Excuses, Excuses! You get good at excuses over time. […]