5 Lessons from the Insanity of the Charlottesville Massacre

Is it technically a massacre if “only one person dies”? That’s what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. One woman was killed and more than 30 injured by a crazed hater driving a car. Massacres happen. But they used to be once in a generation and usually during war. Now it’s an occasional occurrence. […]

bucket list

Here’s a Must-Do, Go-To Bucket List for the Ages

A bucket list is like a drive-thru window. It orders up something made just for you. It’s like your last meal. You want to climb Mount Everest or travel to Europe or go sky diving or form another Beatles tribute band. I don’t want to do any of these (well… maybe the last one). My […]

quality time

The Myth of Quality Time in a Crazy World Where Time is Precious

When we ran out of quantity time we came up with this idea of quality time. After raising two children and building a marriage of nearly four decades I am here to tell you it’s a bad idea. Sing it Harry Chapin! Your words are old but your message is timeless. “My child arrived just […]


(Promise Not to Laugh at) Three Epic Failures and What I Learned from Them

Failure has followed me all of my life. Failure has made me who I am. Failure is my friend. This sounds good, and it’s true but it doesn’t make failure any easier. It’s still hard to fail. I spent some time remembering three of my most epic failures, then I spent some more time thinking […]


16 Rules to Live by (Adapted from Leroy Jethro Gibbs) Part 2

A rule is just a rule, the same way as a kiss is just a kiss. As time goes by, the rules by which we live our lives, lead us to a certain destination. It is the sum total of the rules applied each day that makes difference between success and failure. You can trust […]


16 Rules to Live By (Adapted from Leroy Jethro Gibbs) Part 1

A rule of life? “Rules are made to be broken,” right? Yes, except those that aren’t. What I mean is that there are rules for living that are non-negotiable, that you can’t relax and still go on with life. They are at the core of life and must be followed – or life goes sour. […]

Independence Day

Independence Day Almost Didn’t Happen Because of One Day and One Man

As I reflect on Independence Day, I break into a sweat. I’m not nervous, it just seems like every year on this day the sun bears down hard, like a revolutionary army against impossible odds. How’s that for a segue to talk about this holiday’s history. The further we drift from the roots of revolution, […]


Finally a 3-Word Answer to All the World’s Problems

Who knew that being nice could solve the world’s problems! It goes way beyond ending world poverty or bringing world peace. It could even calm the cultural clash of competing causes: rich vs. poor; gay vs. straight; liberal vs. conservative; young vs. old; black vs. white; Red Sox vs. Yankees. And, yes, it could even […]


5 Reasons Why Crisis Might be the Best Thing in Your Life

I just can’t wait for the next crisis! Yah right. That’s just what I need in my life now, another crisis. No, just let me go with the flow, don’t rock the boat, easy peasy. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose. Life has a mind of its own. You and I may yearn for the […]

improve life

16 Ways to Improve Your Life Purposefully and Painlessly

You’ve tried to improve life, but it’s either too hard or you haven’t tried hard enough. Either way it eludes you. It’s time to start again! If you’ve read my book, Lifedeck, you know about the 4 Corners of Life: The physical, the spiritual, the relational and the financial. Each of the 16 ways represents […]