Christmas: The Night Heaven Came Down

Our little nativity set at home is a far cry from the events at Bethlehem. Our 10 month old granddaughter enjoys teething on Mary and taking the animals to her Fisher Price barn. That OK with me because I know that in the years to come she will learn that there was a real nativity […]


Forget Everything You Know about Christmas and Embrace the Darkness!

I showed such restraint this year. I waited two days after Thanksgiving to cut down a Christmas tree! It is all trimmed and accessorized with snow globes, stockings and lots of lights in our living room that now has morphed into the “Christmas Room.” Scatter the darkness! My yule celebration is an annual race to […]


3 Life Lessons from The Thanksgiving Miracle That History Forgot

This is Thanksgiving week, and there’s more to the holiday than you know. You know about the pilgrims, the Indians, the cold winter and the corn. And then there are the things you think you know but are popular myths. What you probably don’t know is that the very survival of the pilgrims and the […]


Your Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful This Year

Being thankful is like working out. It doesn’t just happen. You need to will it, to work at it; to get up each morning and say the words, “Thank you,” even though sometimes it’s just lip service. I’m one of those people who begins listening to Christmas music in October when the first chill is […]


The 10 Commandments of Civil Discourse (Just in Time for the Election)

I offer these tips for civil discourse better late than never. But whether you’re political or not, these commandments will help you lower the heat on conversations with people who don’t share your views. They don’t always work though. Recently at our men’s breakfast, I decided to lead a discussion on how to restore a […]


7 Halloween Lessons on Facing Your Fears

Fears are like clouds – little puffy things that keep you from seeing the sun. And unfortunately we’re on the eve of that holiday that fills us with fear: Halloween. Boo! See, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now remember this when the scariest Halloween costume appears at your front door. It’s just a costume! […]


4 Reasons Why Baseball, “America’s Pastime,” May Be a Thing of the Past

They call baseball, “The Grand Old Game” and “America’s Pastime.” As I write this my Boston Red Sox are in the thick of the pennant race, having destroyed the Bronx Bombers and now facing the Houston Astros for the American League Championship. Yawn. I mean it’s just not as exciting as it used to be. […]


3 Reasons Why the Horizontal Life Is the Best Life

As you start this week, my challenge to you is to look around. Not up, not down, not inward, but around you. This is what I call, Horizontal Living. There is a special place in my heart for pet lovers. I am one. “Almost human” is only hyperbole to those outside of our circle. It’s […]


A Letter to My Children As I Grow Older

My Dear Children, I’m writing this while I am still of sound mind (don’t listen to your mother) and fairly sound body. The reason I’m writing this is to give you permission to do the things that are difficult for kids to do when their parents grow older. You’ll probably think this is a little […]